Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valiyavan Music Review

Movie: Valiyavan

Cast: Jai,Andrea Jeremiah

Director: M.Saravanan

Music director: D.Imman


1.Aahaa Kathal Vandu-KG Ranjith

The opening track is a beautiful love melody rendered in the magical voice of KG Ranjith. His voice plays with the tune effortlessly which makes this number an endearing one. And also this scintillating song has been composed on my favorite raga Keeravani (western harmonic minor scale). The tinkling bells in the prelude, quirky trumpet and rich violin in the interludes display Imman's magic of weaving awesome orchestration. Perfect start! 

2.Hello Hello-Papon

This funky number is enjoyable at the beginning when Papon starts in a drunken voice modulation. The dog barks, guitar strums and the rhythm are tailor-made for this track. But the number soon loses steam from the charanam and turns boring after that. It seems that Imman isn't comfortable with composing such numbers. He struggles with the orchestration in the charanams especially. Jarring and unimpressive on the whole.

3.Yelomia-Sunidhi Chauhan

Here comes the ultimate masterpiece of the album. Composed in a laidback manner, this soothing melody is scintillating and makes for a lovely listen on mushy evenings. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice can't get sweeter any more. Though it might have been difficult to croon for this soft number, she does a fabulous job by employing a passionate tone. The accompanying trumpet and guitar strums are elegantly tuned by Imman. Lilting track!

4.Kathal Nallavana-Singdha Chandra,Elfe

Right from the beginning of this track, we might wonder where is it leading us to. There is too much unpleasantness to the tune that it is mundane and jarring on the ears. Imman has tried composing a high level international fusion but fails miserably with a mediocre tune. Though the vocals of Singdha Chandra and Elfe are powerful, they don't leave an impact on us.

5.Eyes On You-Theme

A pulsating theme track from Imman is quiet a surprise. There is so much energy to this tune that one cannot help notice the electronic guitar playing its way through the track. Though short, it would provide as a great background score for the movie.

6.O Baby Come With Me-D.Imman,MLR Karthikeyan

Beginning with funny sounds, this alternative rock is sure to be a hit among urban youth. A global tone sweeps through the entire song and it's like listening to one of the English songs. But the song turns very creative with the fusion of Carnatic instruments and aalaps in the interludes. Listening to the mandolin and sitar provides as a much needed refreshment to the song. D.Imman and MLR Karthikeyan excel in the vocal part. Rocking end!


Though Imman finds difficulty in composing for a modern genre, he pulls it with a few good numbers that stand out in the album.

Rating: **1/2


Aahaa Kathal Vandu,Yelomia,O Baby Come With Me


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