Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Endrendrum Punnagai Music Review

Movie: Endrendrum Punnagai

Cast: Jiiva,Vinay,Santhanam,Trisha,Andrea

Director: Ahmed

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj

Ahmed, director of Vaamanan is coming up with his new movie Endrendrum Punnagai which has big names like Jiiva and Trisha. Harris Jayaraj has composed music for this urban youth movie.

1.Yele Yele Dosthu-Krish,Krishna Iyer,Naresh Iyer

It is a typical friendship song. The tune is just similar to Vinnaithaandi anbe from Irandam Ulagam. Even the orchestration and the beats are same as the previous song. So you get to hear a version two of the former song. Though the track is foot tapping and gives a pumped up youthy feeling, it isn't a good start to the album.

2.Ennai Saaithaale-Hariharan,Shreya Ghoshal

It is a soft and breezy romantic duet that has Harris' stamp over it. The first line of the song has touches of Rahman's compositions. But the comparison stops there. The song moves in its own unique style. The use of saxophone in the interlude shows Harris' trademark. Hariharan is excellent as usual and Shreya Ghoshal complements him well. But this track doesnt match up to Harris Jayaraj's previous duets.

3.Kadal Naan Thaan-Suzanne D'Mello,Sudha Ragunathan,MK Balaji

This number is the highlight of the album. Right from the flute prelude in the beginning till the end, it keeps you in a state of trance. The slow bass beats and mystical tune makes this song a runaway hit. With her marshmallow voice, Suzanne rocks in the first stanza of the song while Sudha Ragunathan comes as a surprise as it is not a song meant for her voice. Overall, a different composition by Harris!!!

4.Vaan Engum-Aalaap Raju,Devan Ekambaram,Harini,Pravin Saivi

Harris has come up with a peppy number with a catchy tune. While the song gives a pleasant feeling, the beats are similar to Manjal Veiyil Maalai from Vetaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Aalaap Raju is good in delivering his lines while Harini provides the classical touches. Overall, this track sparkles only in bits and pieces. It gives you a deja vu feeling which is quiet common in Harris' songs.

5.Othaiyile-Abhay Jodhpurkar,Tippu,Bhargavi

This is an extension of Nalla Nanban from Nanban. Based on the same mood, Harris composes yet another song on friendship. The slow qawwali beats provides a whip of fresh air in this otherwise average tune. Lyrics by Kabilan are impressive. But the song falls short of expectations. The singers Abhay Jodhpurkar and Tippu are the only saving factors of this track.

6.Ennatha Solla-Karthik,Haricharan,Ramesh Vinayagam,Velmurugan

A digitalized soft folk that speaks about the dangers of falling in love and marriage. Harris has tried his hand at composing a different number but he fails miserably. The song struggles between different genres and ends up as a unimpressive one. The singers also have found difficult to croon this number as it hasn't got a proper construction. This particular song can be given a miss!!


Harris Jayaraj should think out of  the box and should stop giving old wine in a new bottle. There was a lot of expectations after the album of Irandam Ulagam but Harris fails to deliver his usual chartbusters.

Rating: **1/2


Ennai Saaithaale,Kadal Naan Thaan,Vaan Engum

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  1. Harris music gets too bad :) .. He was good in the beginning of his career, now i'm not happy with his music!.. Also he keeps sticking to Nadabhairavi Raga in most of his compositions! Maybe he needs to develop a better creativity..


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