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Vanakkam Chennai music review

Movie: Vanakkam Chennai
Cast: Shiva,Priya Anand
Director: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander

Anirudh is the youngest music composer in Indian film industry. The Kolaveri boy performed miracles with his music in '3' and 'Ethir Neechal'. Now he is back with his third outing 'Vanakkam Chennai'.

1.Hey-Papon,Maria Roe Vincent

The song begins with mild guitar strums and a mesmerising saxophone prelude. Then Papon takes over the song with his westernized rendition. Soon the track picks up pace from 'Neram maarellam' line. The charanam consists of foot tapping beats and you get to feel Anirudh's magic. It makes for a breezy listen, especially along with your friends on an outing!!!

2.Osaka Osaka-Anirudh,Pragathi

When this track begins with 'Theni kaathu' in Anirudh's voice, you come to know that this one will be entirely different from the previous track. Yes, this one is a different folk number. You will get instantly addicted to it in the first listen as it has a catchy tune. Anirudh's dialect while rendering is perfect and Pragathi accompanies him in the 2nd stanza with her rustic voice. The scintillating violin prelude and Madan Karky's lyrics have to be mentioned especially. Overall, this track is the highlight of the album.

3.Oh Penne-Vishal Dadlani,Anirudh

I don't know in which situation Anirudh composed this song because its just mindblowing!!! Beginning with quirky piano sounds, the track has renowned Bollywood composer Vishal Dadlani crooning 'Un kaigal korthu unnodu poga...'. His Tamil rendition is flawless and he makes us wanting for more. As usual, Anirudh takes over in the charanam with his amazing voice. This track is a stylish romantic number and lingers in our mind for a long time. Though it is similar to 'Idhazhin oram' and 'Nijamellam maranthupochu', it has its own unique style which you cant get over.

4.Chennai City Gangsta-Hiphop Tamizha,Anirudh,Hard Kaur

Yet another 'Ethir Neechal Adi' type of song. Its purely energetic and gets you on the dance floor. Beginning with Country Chicken sounds, it moves on to some quirky singing by Hiphop Tamizha with his weird lyrics. Hard Kaur makes the song even more enjoyable with her powerful voice. Overall, a typical 'gangsta' song.

5.Engadi Porandhe-Anirudh,Andrea Jeremiah

This track begins with gaana type beats and swishes into an unexpected song. It is much of a debate between the lead singers rather than a complete song. It has funny lyrics that would be surely enjoyed by everyone. Overall, a passable number that will have you laughing at the end.

6.Ailasa Ailasa-Suchitra,Anirudh

This is the unplugged version 'Osaka Osaka' with different set of lyrics. The entire track belongs only to Suchitra as her voice overflows with sweetness all over. It is surprising to hear her in a modulated tone. Anirudh makes use of the nadaswaram in the best manner. Once again he proves he is capable of using special instruments for different situations. A beautiful number that will have you in loop.

7.Oh Penne(International)-Arjun,Charles Bosco

The international version of 'Oh Penne' song reminds us of the hundreds of songs composed in Hollywood. The song has a global feel to it mainly because of Arjun's rendition. Hailing from UK, he yields the megaphone with ease. Of course, the charanam by Anirudh is retained here which is bit disappointing. Other than that, it is a stylish number that can be played along with other English songs in your playlist.


Anirudh once again comes up with a peppy album that is sure to rock the charts for a long time. Though shades of his previous works could be seen, it soon fades away as the album progresses.

Rating: ***1/2


Osaka Osaka,Oh Penne,Ailasa Ailasa


  1. My favourite osaka osaka and oh penne :)
    Nice review ♫♫♫♫♫ :)

  2. U still have long way to go...gud work kavya. GBU.


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