Friday, 16 August 2013

Irandam ulagam music review

Movie: Irandam Ulagam

Cast: Arya,Anushka Shetty

Director: Selvaraghavan

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj

Harris  Jayaraj is well known for his catchy songs that turn out to be chart-busters. He teams up with Selvaraghavan for the first time in 'Irandam Ulagam' which is touted to be a romantic fantasy movie. Let's see how the tracks have come up:


A beautiful melody that starts with lilting guitar strums and Karthik croons this romantic number with his honey-dipping voice. This track has Harris Jayaraj's stamp all over it. The guitar strums in the background adds spice to this breezy number. Megha's soulful humming in the interlude and a brief part in the last stanza deserve a special mention. Overall, a scintillating melody that will swipe your feet off.

2.En Kaadhal Thee-S.P.Balasubramaniam

SPB is the hero of this song. He renders this lovely melody with his flawless and evergreen voice. With a striking rhythm pattern, this song contains classical touches which is evident throughout the number. The violin interlude is simply awesome and the angelic female chorus takes the song to the next level. A different attempt by Harris. This track is sure to be liked by classical melody lovers.

3.Mannavane En Mannavane-Gopal Rao,Shakthisree

This is the only duet in the album and it is that one song in every Harris' album that will overflow with sweet melody. As you begin to listen to this track, you might feel that it is yet another westernized melody. But the track takes a different turn and ends up as a folksy duet. Shakthisree's voice tugs at your heart and makes you get lost in the melody world. Gopal Rao matches her very well and he is yet another singer to look out for in the industry. Overall, this track is the best of the lot and blows your soul away.

4.Vinnaithaandi Anbe-Vijay Prakash

Harris knows how to weave up a melody inside techno beats and electronic sounds. This number has foot-tapping beats and some good singing by Vijay Prakash. Vairamuthu's lyrics are love filled and stands out in the entire song. You might not like this track at its first listen. But it grows on you gradually with its catchy tune. Though it reminds of Harris' previous compositions, it lingers in your mind for a long time.

5.Panangkalla Vishamulla-Dhanush,Megha

Yet another Dhanush song with lyrics that speak about love failure and betrayal. Though its a soft folk number, you will surely get tired of it as Dhanush gets stereotyped with this song. But the lyrics by Vairamuthu are stronger than the previous songs Dhanush has sang. The humming by Megha brings a moment of freshness to the song. Though the track might find a place in the charts, there is nothing new in it. But its a different composition by Harris who has composed out of his comfort zone.

6.Raakozhi Raakozhi-Hariharan,Sriram

And here is the other world song with its queer sounds and weird orchestration. Its like hearing a tribal folk song with pumped up energy. But there is a genuine touch of melody in the charanams. Hariharan and Sriram have sung the song with great power and darkness in their voice. This song would do well once the visuals are released.

7.Irandam Ulagam Theme

Finally, Harris sums up all the elements of the entire album into a single theme music. The entire composition is grand with its eerie choir and horning sounds. Harris needs a special applause for composing this grand theme.


It is a different attempt by Harris Jayaraj and it doesn't give you a deja vu feeling. Whatever genre be the songs, there is a slight streak of melody in each one. This shows Harris capability of composing good melodies. Harris-Selva combination rocks!!!

Rating: ***3/4


En Kaadhal Thee,Mannavane En Mannavane,Raakozhi Raakozhi



  1. Nice Review......keep it up.....

  2. Thank u fr ur encouraging words daddy..:-)

  3. Super Review...:)
    Raakozhi Raakozhi...highlightaana song...rombave different..

  4. Nice review. Kanimozhiye and Mannavane stands out in this album.

    Vinnaithandi Anbe as you told resembles Enadhuyire from Bheema. But it will be sure shot hit.

    Rakkozhi song is mixed with 3 other tunes from his previous albums.
    - En friends pola yaaru machan charanam comes in 1st pallavi here.
    - Before 2nd charanam starts the music is from Uyirile song from Vettaiyadu Vilayadu.
    - In Charanam the 2nd line is from Aga naga siripukal telugu humming before 2nd charanam.

    At any cost, this album is harris best after varanam ayiram.


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