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Biriyani music review

Movie: Biriyani

Cast: Karthi,Hansika,Premgi

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja


'Biriyani' is the upcoming funny ride by Venkat Prabhu. And surprisingly it turns out to be Yuvan's 100th film. Having churned out many hit songs, lets see whether he has hit a century with this movie.

1.Biriyani-Bhavatharini,Tanvi Shah,Vilasini

The intro song of Yuvan's 100th is simply intoxicating!! Its an energetic track that will have you dancing to its funky beats. With an high dosage of rap, Yuvan hits the bull eye with this number. Bhavatharini, Tanvi Shah and Vilasini (popularly known as RJ Hasini) completely enjoy singing this disco song. The electronised flute loops throughout the song makes it more strong.

2.Nahna Na Nah-Devan Ekambaram,Chorus

Here comes the chartbuster of the year. Beginning with an addictive 'Nahna na nah', this technically sound track takes you to different places. The slight melody touch and the instrumentation serves as an icing on the cake. Devan Ekambaram does full justice to the song along with the chorus. Yuvan creates yet another universal flutter with this track.

3.Pom Pom Penne-Rahul Nambiar,Ramya NSK

Yuvan fools you with this track. The number which starts with a lilting piano arrangement and with some sweet lines delivered by Rahul Nambiar, changes its route into a rock n' roll song with the 'Pom Pom Pom' line. The track picks up speed in the interlude and lowers again to a slow rhythm. Ramya is awesome in crooning her part. Overall, the track makes for a good listen.

4.Mississippi-Karthi,Premgi Amaren,Priya Hemesh

Compared to the previous tracks, this one remains out of the show and ends up derailed. But its surprising to hear Karthi sing his lines well. Premgi has nothing much to do in this number and Priya Hemesh sings whatever is meant for her. Though Yuvan has tried a seductive number with an equally seducing beats, somewhere he loses pace along the way.

5.Run For Your Life-Gaana Bala,Psycho Unit

The intro piece of this track speaks the grandeur of the song. Yuvan makes use of all the instruments in this song and the repetitive guitar strums stand out. Psycho Unit's energetic singing makes the track pump up with force. The brief part by Gaana Bala has been given a 80's sound which peps the song. The Mangatha bgm at the end seems to be forced into the track. Overall, its just a passable number.

6.Edhirthu Nil-Yuvan,G.V.Prakash,D.Imman,S.Thaman,Vijay Anthony

Yes, as we listen to this song we get a deja vu of the Nimirndhu Nil track from Venkat's Chennai-28. We see Yuvan collaborating with other popular music directors like G.V,Imman,Thaman and Vijay Anthony. The lyrics of the song encourages us and puts us into a confident mood which the other tracks failed to create. The background beats have been constructed in an offbeat manner which makes the track strongly inspiring. This song might appeal to the modern day youngsters.

7.Nahna Na Nah(Jack Swing Mix)

Yuvan gets a hangover with this particular number. It is instantly addicting unlike the original one. The swinging beats and the techno interlude gets on to your nerves at the very first listen. An innovative remix!

8.Nahna Na Nah(Extended Dance Mix)

Yuvan spoofs all the yearly intros at the beginning and finally ends up with a quirky intro dialog for 2013. This track will soon get into pubs and will have even more DJ mixes. It sounds much similar to Vilayadu Mangatha Remix. But putting the similarities aside, this one makes you dance with full enthusiasm.


Yuvan seems to have got an high voltage shock before composing this soundtrack that it ends up as a funky and enjoyable album sans any melodies. It is an out and out Yuvan diet!!!

Rating: ***


Nahna Na Nah,Pom Pom Penne,Edhirthu Nil

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