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Abbayitho Ammayi Music Review

Movie: Abbayitho Ammayi

Cast: Naga Shourya,Palak Lalwani

Director: Ramesh Varma

Music director: Ilaiyaraaja

1.Reena Mecareena-Piyush Kapoor

The album begins with an energetic groovy track. The song is high on energy with its foot-tapping techno beats and rock progression. Ilaiyaraaja indulges his trademark bass section in this number too. Piyush Kapoor's powerhouse vocals are an added advantage. But the track is surprising, unlike an Ilaiyaraaja one. Nevertheless it is youth-friendly and enjoyable.

2.Edhuru Choosthunna-Vibhavari

A raw and unadulterated melody is up next in the album. This melodious track has Ilaiyaraaja's stamp all over it, with his exhilarating guitar sections and symphony arrangement. Also the bass work and slight harp accompaniment create an exquisite aura for this heartrending song. Vibhavari's rendition is soul-stirring. Her sweet innocent voice is sure to blow away the minds of listeners. Soothing one this is!

3.Tholi Paruvam-Sathya Prakash,Vibhavari

This is such a number which wouldn't strike you much on the first listen. But it will grow on you as you listen to it repeatedly. Ilaiyaraaja introduces modern upbeats amidst a melodious tune and laidback singing by two brilliant voices Sathya Prakash and Vibhavari. Despite the minor glitches in the arrangement and the abrupt ending, this one still manages to make a way to the listeners heart.

4.Maatallo Cheppaleni-Karthik

Here comes a mellifluous solo that will surely tug at your heartstrings. Ilaiyaraaja weaves a simple tune and decorates it with dollops of guitar strums, harp loops and foot-tapping beats. The most remarkable feature of this song is its carefree tone. Karthik's voice effuses happiness and romance in the air. Perfect for a beautiful listen on a sunny day!

5.Kanulu Kalanu Piliche-Haricharan,Chinmayi Sripada

Yet another breathtaking melody is up on Ilaiyaraaja's sleeves. He composes a honey-dipping tune and tops it with mellowed beats, ebullient chord progression and amazing violin solo in the first interlude. Haricharan's passionate voice coupled with Chinmayi's soulful rendition takes the listeners back to 80s when pure melodies of Ilaiyaraaja dominated the music charts. Soul-stirring!

6.Okasaari O Vayyari-Yazin Nizar,Rita

The unmistakable bass section of Ilaiyaraaja is evident throughout this funky song. His usage of harp, hard rock guitars, urban beats and jazz arrangement is easy on the ears, despite the digital sequencing. Yazin Nizar and Rita put up a fantastic show with their modulated sultry vocals. Highly entertaining!

7.Saradale-Manasi,Ramya,Rita,Reena Reddy

This happy number sounds like Ilaiyaraaja's compositions from the early 2000s. Nevertheless, this track is a relaxed melody that might appear on the screen as an introduction song for the female lead and her friends. The ensemble of female singers do a commendable job with their respective rendition. Ilaiyaraaja's mellowed piano notes in the second interlude is something to watch out for.

8.Abbayitho Ammayi (Male)-Piyush Kapoor

Amidst modern arrangements, this title track retains the melodious undercurrent of the soundtrack. Though it is short, Piyush Kapoor leaves an impact with the listeners by crooning with all his heart.

9.Abbayitho Ammayi (Female)-Aparna

This is the female version of the title track. This one has a haunting undercurrent due to Aparna's eerie rendition.


Ilaiyaaraja composes a gem of an album which has the right mix of melody and western numbers. The soundtrack will surely cater to all kinds of listeners.

Rating: ***3/4


Edhuru Choosthunna,Maatallo Cheppaleni,Kanulu Kalanu Piliche,Okasaari O Vayyari

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