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10 Endradhukulla Music Review

Movie: 10 Endrathukulla

Cast: Vikram,Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Pasupathy,Jackie Shroff

Director: Vijay Milton

Music director: D.Imman

1.Vroom Vroom-Santhosh Hariharan

With a movie that has a classy and glitzy look all over, Imman must deliver a song that is outright energetic. But sadly he fails to do so, composing a bland tune and making it appear as a racy track. Though this high voltage number has its moments like the references to Virat Kohli, Kamal Hassan & James Bond, thumping guitar riffs and Santhosh's endearing vocals, the tune arrangement bogs it down. Might appeal with the visuals.

2.Aanalum Indha-Sathya Prakash

A soft folk melody is up next in the album. This one comes as a surprise since the film is of the urban genre. Imman indulges in his exquisite melody template and weaves a tune that is scintillating throughout. Violin sections, mild flute sounds and Hindi verses in the interludes pep up the mellifluous tune. Sathya Prakash is the king here as he blows your mind away with his honey-dipping voice. The beauty of the song lies in the Ilaiyaraaja-ish touch which Imman provides. Chartbuster!

3.Pathu Endradhukulla (Male)-Vishal Dadlani,Emcee Jesz

The title track is a speedy number that is laced with hard rock elements of the 80s and 90s. Vishal Dadlani's grungy vocals and Emcee Jesz hoarse rap portions stand out, while one can identify Hip-hop rhythm arrangement too. The frenzied electronic guitar strums make the track an instant chartbuster. This number is sure to scorch the screens.

4.Gaana Gaana-Anand Aravindakshan,Shreya Ghoshal

This song is an innovative fusion by Imman. Beginning with the sultry vocals of Anand Aravindakshan in a jazzy mode, the song transforms into a full-fledged folk. Imman's creativity is top class here as he introduces Rumba, symphony and some Middle East flavor throughout the song. Shreya Ghoshal sounds very interesting with her melodious vocals. This is the most experimented track by Imman till date!

5.Pathu Endradhukulla (Female)-Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

The title track returns, this time in the raw and earthy voice of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. Imman does a brilliant job by roping in her as the vocalist, since she excels with her modulated singing and scathing sounds. The rhythm pattern also goes for a change. Here it is house mix beats and Hip-hop taps. Once again Imman delivers a number out of his comfort soundscape!

6.Mysterious Travel-Instrumental

A cacophony of sounds welcomes you and pulls you into an addictive trance on the very first listen. This theme is overladen with Djembe beats, haunting flute sections, Middle east rhythm and eerie strings that pleases you right from the beginning. It is unlike what Imman has composed before!


Except the first track, everything else works in the favor of Imman. He delivers an urban album by experimenting with different genres and sounds.

Rating: ***3/4


Aanalum Indha,Pathu Endradhukulla (Female),Gaana Gaana,Mysterious Travel

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