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Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka Music Review

Movie: Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka Music Review

Cast: Aadhi,Nikki Galrani,Pasupathi,Richa Pallod

Director: Sathya Prabhas Pinisetty

Music director: Prasan,Praveen,Shyam

1.Papparapampam-Benny Dayal.Krishna Iyer,M.M.Manasi

Celebratory mood fills in with this vivacious beach cocktail party number. You can expect some fireworks and flashy costumes once the visuals are out. Every aspect of this number makes you enjoy it to the core. Krishna Iyer, with his energetic voice, excels for a major portion of the number while Benny supports him commendably. M.M.Manasi's occasional humming, usage of mouth organ and guitar accompaniment also get noticed besides the main vocals. The surprise change of rhythm to kuthu towards the end is a brilliant idea by the composer trio. Hits the bull-eye!

2.Sokkana Ponnu-Aadhi

The hero Aadhi himself yields the megaphone and his voice is so captivating in this hilarious number. When songs demeaning girls who leave their boyfriends are booming in the industry, this one speaks about how a guy suffers to leave a girl. It's quiet ingenious of the composer to come up with such a number, adding Gana Ulaganathan to the list of quirky lyricists. The acapella and the interludes are fresh and innovative. Delightful!

3.Nee Sonna-Krishna Iyer

Here comes a scintillating melody loaded with oodles of traditional sounds like the Santoor. The flute interludes provide a mellowed feel to the number with slight folk beats as accompaniment. Though it is a short track, Krishna Iyer's vocals make quiet an impact. Mellifluous!

4.Singari Sokku Lady-Krishna Iyer,Priya Hemesh

This is an out-of-the-box item number which is instantly addictive. It's sure to strike a chord with the listeners with its tune arrangement and orchestration. Though you might have heard item songs of this type in Bollywood, it is something new to Tamil music industry. Our item songs are paced with blaring kuthu beats that make no sense, while this number has a strong undercurrent flowing along with the foot-tapping beats. Krishna Iyer and Priya Hemesh elevate the number to a higher level with their flawless singing. Chartbuster!

5.Oozhi Kuthu-Dr.Narayanan

The album switches to devotional mode with this track. Urumi melam, flute interludes and pulsating beats make this number a tremendous one. Dr.Narayanan's Carnatic rendition with the required gamakas at the right places is soulful to listen to. A racy number that is sure to pump your adrenaline each time you listen to it. It would obviously be a situational number.

6.Thozha Thozha-Elfe Choir

This short number is pathos at its best. It is heartrending to hear to the lyrics of painful loss of a friend. It is sure to stir some sad emotions when watched on screen.

7.YNK Theme-Krishna Iyer

A 20 second powerful chant of 'Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka' in the vocals of Krishna Iyer brings this album to a completion.


A propitious debut by the composer trio Prasan, Praveen and Shyam, with songs that are imaginative as well as catchy.

Rating: ***3/4


Papparapampam,Sokkana Ponnu,Nee Sonna,Singari Sokku Lady


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