Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Indru Netru Naalai Music Review

Movie: Indru Netru Naalai

Cast: Vishnu Vishal,Mia George,Jayaprakash,Karunakaran

Director: Ravi Kumar

Music director: Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi

1.Iphone 6 Nee Yendral-Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi

Bouncy rhythms, dubstep interspersed with mridangam beats and Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi's jaunty vocals create a number that is breezy as well as catchy. The digital sequencing and enhanced Nadhaswaram loops have added enough peppiness to the number. But the number provides a deja-vu feel and you can easily relate to Adhi's previous tunes.

2.Kadhale Kadhale-Shankar Mahadevan,Padmalatha

The prelude consisting of a melange of classical flute and lively guitar strums sets the tone for this scintillating melody. And once again it is the flute section in the interlude which makes the number a pleasant listen. Shankar Mahadevan's unadulterated voice is pitch perfect and Padmalatha's classically inclined rendition is something to applaud for. This number is sure to linger in the minds of the listeners for a long time. Addictive duet!

3.Naane Thaan Raja-Anthony Daasan

Here comes the signature track of Hip Hop Adhi. This number solely depends on the digitally sequenced Nadhaswaram sections and Anthony Daasan's natural rustic vocals. But there is nothing new to listen for. It might become a chartbuster just for its foot-tapping rhythm, as youngsters go ga-ga over such numbers. Lyrics are in tune with the genre of the movie.

4.Indru Netru Naalai-Shankar Mahadevan,Aalaap Raju

Melancholic violin, dulcet piano notes and an ethereal string section invite the listeners to a 03:18 minutes of heavenly listen. The trance rhythm provides a divine aura around the song from which a listener can never deviate. Shankar Mahadevan's strong rendition is gracefully supported by Aalaap Raju's subtle voice. The interlude with traditional sounds of Sitar and Saarangi is one of the highlights of this alluring number. Strikes a chord!

5.The Conquest Of Time (Theme)-Instrumental

A potpourri of sounds makes this theme stand out from rest of the album. The symphonic arrangement, addictive humming by Aadhi and the tinkling bell sounds form a perfect theme for this science fiction movie. Enchanting!


Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi's second album scores well with a cacophony of genres and catchy tunes. Being a science fiction movie, this soundtrack stays true to it!

Rating: ***1/2


Kadhale Kadhale,Indru Netru Naalai,The Conquest of Time (Theme)

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