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Kaaviya Thalaivan music review

Movie: Kaaviya Thalaivan

Cast: Siddharth,Prithviraj,Vedhika

Director: G.Vasantabalan

Music director: A.R.Rahman

Here is the music review of one of the most awaited albums of the year, composed by the Mozart of Madras.

1.Vaanga Makka Vaanga-Haricharan,Dr.Narayanan

The album kick starts with a street play type of song that brings out the true soul of traditional dramas. Haricharan's tell tale voice modulation works out well over here. The usage of classical instruments serves as an icing on top of the cake. Only A.R.Rahman knows how to compose such innovative tunes!

2.Aye Mr.Minor!-Haricharan,Shashaa Tirupati

A.R.Rahman does another "Hello Mister Edhirkatchi" number. With a foot tapping construction, this song takes us to the rock n roll era of the 70s and 80s. The mandolin in the interlude deserves a special mention here. A groovy duet that is sure to hook you on instantly. Haricharan weaves magic with his voice and Shashaa brings out the seductive mood of the song. One of the highlights of the album!

3.Yaarumilla-Shweta Mohan,Srinivas

And here comes the Rahmanish melody that is breezy and soul stirring. Shweta's honey dipping voice brings out the vintage feeling of this evergreen gem. The song can be played repeatedly just to listen to her voice. And of course, how can I forget the awesome instrumentation in the second interlude? It's Rahman at his best once again! With beautiful lyrics, this song would stay on the charts for a long time.

4.Sandi Kuthirai-Haricharan

Haricharan gets a hat-trick with this quirky composition. It's a comical song which is on the lines of "Vishwanathan velai venum" type of songs. A.R.Rahman makes the best use of trumpet,mouth organ and xylophone in a funny way. The occasional laughter sounds peps up the fun quotient of the song. This number can remain as one of those classic jazz numbers that ruled during the 70s.

5.Sollividu Sollividu-Mukesh

It's a situational number that sets up the mood on a battle field. Mukesh enthralls us with his powerful rendition. The lyrics speak about war and it's consequences. It's like listening to a part of Mahabharatha in the form of a song. Partially sounding like a devotional number, this epic track stands out in the entire album.

6.Thiruppugazh-Vani Jayaram

A.R.Rahman ropes in the evergreen vocalist Vani Jayaram to croon this spiritual number. She just captures us with her sweet voice which is as fresh as ever. This track leaves us wanting for more as it is a short one!

7.Alli Arjuna-Haricharan,Bela Shende

When was the last time you have heard a 10 minute long song? Maybe way back in the 70s or 80s. But only A.R.Rahman can recreate such magic of long songs. This number is a montage song which consists of eight bit sections. And each section has a beauty of it's own. Well, it's Haricharan who yields the megaphone yet again with ease. Bela Shende's soulful rendering makes this track even more beautiful.


Well, it's A.R.Rahman and what else can you expect? This soundtrack is no exception. With all it's grandeur, this album is sure to stay as one of Rahman's classical gems. There is no doubt that he is the God of Music. He is versatile and he proves it yet again.

Rating: ****


Vaanga Makka Vaanga,Aye Mr.Minor!,Yaarumilla,Sandi Kuthirai

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