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Amara Kaaviyam music review

Movie: Amara Kaaviyam

Cast: Sathya,Mia George

Director: Jeeva Shankar

Music director: M.Ghibran

1.Saridhaana Saridhaana-Yazin Nizar,Thomas Andrews,M.Ghibran

The soundtrack kickstarts with a groovy number which speaks about the confusions faced by a teenager. The fast paced track is endearing with it's touch of melody at places. The nadaswaram loops in the interlude are an added advantage. But the song takes time to grow on you. Yazin Nizar blows you away with his singing. He is the perfect choice for this song. A good beginning by Ghibran!

2.Edhedho Ennamvandhu-Haricharan,Padmalatha

Up next is a beautiful melody rendered flawlessly in the sweet voices of Haricharan and Padmalatha. The orchestration is a perfect blend of classical and modern instruments. The entire song oozes with melody and makes for a wonderful love ballad. The background change in the second interlude takes this song to a fantasy world. An abundant amount of Sufi touch works in the favor of the number. Sweet and cute on the whole!

3.Mounam Pesum-K.S.Chitra,Sowmya Mahadevan

Ghibran ropes in the legendary singer Chitra to croon this number. And what we get to listen is a perfect hi-five melody that is sure to be termed as a classic in this album. Beginning with mellowed piano notes, the song moves in a complete trance with Chitra's whispery modulations. Ghibran deserves a special applause for his interlude arrangements as they make the number even more ecstatic. Sowmya Mahadevan stands out with her lines eventhough she may have less rendition space.

4.Dheva Dhevadhai-K.G.Ranjith,Madhu Iyer

Ghibran does not run out of melodies I think so as he composes a masterpiece duet with this number which is instantly likeable. And of course, here also the orchestration and the interlude arrangement stand out. A mysterious haunting string of melody flows through the entire song. K.G.Ranjith makes a strong comeback with his lilting voice and Madhu Iyer complements him well with her effervescent singing. Highlight of the album!

5.Dhagam Theera-Padmalatha,Yazin Nizar

Here comes a dreamy number that is perfect for a girl who has fallen head over heels in love with her man. With it's exotic arrangements, the song has been composed in Amruthavarshini raga which is considered to bring showers of rain. Of course, this number can be heard on a beautiful rainy evening. Padmalatha showcases her unique skills with this number accompanied by Yazin Nizar who weaves magic with the 'Vasagi vasagi' line.

6.Edhedho Ennamvandhu (Solo)-Sundar Narayan Rao

Ghibran's favorite Sundar Narayan Rao croons the second version of the melodious number. Though his singing sounds to be forced, he turns out to be the perfect choice as he can carry off the Sufi influence with ease. Makes for a good listen!


M.Ghibran proves his mettle once again after his outstanding Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah. His melodies are timeless and remind us of the bygone era of good music. He is the perfect descendant for the legend A.R.Rahman as his compositions have that magical touch of ARR. 

Rating: ****


Edhedho Ennamvandhu,Mounam Pesum,Dhagam Theera,Dheva Dhevathai

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