Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Raanjhanaa-Music Review

The soundtrack of Raanjhanaa was one of the most highly expected albums.So,here comes A.R.Rahman with another masterpiece.

1.Raanjhanaa-Shiraz Uppal,Jaswinder Singh

This is the title track of the album.It is a fast paced number and lifts your spirits up.Especially the line Raanjhanaa hua mein tera is awesome.Shiraz Uppal's rendition is flawless.A.R.Rahman has made use of minimal instruments in this song.Overall,this song makes you happy whenever you hear it.

2.Banarasiya-Shreya Ghoshal,Anwesha Datta Gupta,Meenal Jain

As you start listening to this track,you will feel traditionally drenched.The regional music makes the song an enjoyable one.It is another feather in Shreya Ghoshal's cap.The song overflows with her sweet voice.The backing vocals of Anwesha and Meenal are also equally good.This track is the first highlight of the album.

3.Piya milenge-Sukhwinder Singh,K.M.M.C Sufi Ensemble

The song begins with an upbeat sound and a divine chorus by Sufi Ensemble of K.M Music Conservatory.As the song progresses,you feel more attracted to it.Sukhwinder Singh has done full justice to this number with his powerful voice.Its a beautiful Sufi song & it ends up as one of the gems of A.R.Rahman.

4.Ay sakhi-Madhushree,Chinmayee,Vaishali,Aanchal Sethi

Though this track is much similar to Banarasiya,it has to be appreciated for its construction.A.R.Rahman experiments well with this song & makes use of innovative sounds like tyun tyun tyun with the singers' voice itself.The song has three different voices & each one has an equal share.Its a fun & enjoyable track.

5.Nazar laaye-Rashid Ali,Neeti Mohan

This is the only duet of the album & it sounds much like Ishq wala love from Student of the year.Its mainly because of Rashid Ali's husky voice & Neeti Mohan's westernized rendition.This number has A.R.Rahman's stamp all over it.Overall,its a passable one & grows on you after a few listens.

6.Tu mun shudi-A.R.Rahman,Rabbi Shergill

This is another anthem from A.R.Rahman.It joins the bandwagon of Dhakka laga bukka from Yuva (Jana gana mana from Ayudhaezhuthu).It has an attractive beginning & you might find yourself humming to it after a few listens.Rabbi Shergill of Challa fame has done a good job in this song.

7.Aise na dekho-A.R.Rahman,Karthik

Yes,as you listen to this song,you will find the resemblance to Tu bole from JTYJN.The arrangement of instruments & the orchestration are similar to it.A.R.Rahman's voice also has the same feeling which he had for Tu bole.But it doesn't match to the previous track.

8.The Land of Shiva-Instrumental

This is just an instrumental piece from ARR.It is like a Shiva thandavam & the sound of conch shell dominates this track.It is best suitable for playing during auspicious ceremonies in your home.

9.Tum tak-Javed Ali,A.V.Pooja,Keerthi Sagathia

Tum tak is the second highlight of the album.With the intro of piano music,Javed Ali's purely divine voice takes you to a magical world. A.R.Rahman has used Shehnai as the main instrument & it puts you in a festive mood of love.A.V Pooja has sung her part with full energy & it stands out in the entire track.Kudos to ARR for bringing out such a lovely song.


I give a 4 out of 5 rating for this album.Once again A.R.Rahman has done a wonderful job in creating this fantastic soundtrack.Go for it !!!


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