Sunday, 2 June 2013

My thoughts on music

Music is my passion.Lets say its my obsession.I don't exist in this world without music.Music runs in my blood.It has the ability to lift my spirits when I am down.It makes me feel loved.It pours honey into my ears.It comforts me when I need it the most.It encourages me all the time.

I feel enthusiastic to listen & learn music.I completely agree with all the popular quotes about music.It interacts & speaks with me as a close friend.It is by my side always & never lets me down.I dont feel complete without music.

Music is actually a treat to my ears,eyes,nose,brain & heart.It governs all of my senses.Overall it takes care of me like my mom.It loves me like my life partner.
It supports me like my dad.It advises me like a well-wisher.

In short,music is everything to me.


  1. This is a copyrighted work.You should not copy it anywhere.Never publish this in your name.Well,I know this isn't a publishable one.Lolzzz..:-)

  2. MUSIC is MY PASSION i was a fan tamil music and the creation of new soul on the song ! but today soul of a song is good and music is wrong all trying to copy english songs jlo boys ..etc i was great fam of tamil music and ar rahman but when i came to know about the secret now i feel some bore but i can create such type of soul of a song and music easily even tho i did not touch a keyboard in my life far i complited 73 songs and creating more ok bye say hai if u want to know ilayaraja ,ar , ..and what is next ar2 @s_day_night at

    1. 73 songs?? Its a great achievement..Wishing u all success..Post any sample of ur creations..I would like to hear..have u posted in twitter??


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