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Naa Nuvve Music Review

Movie: Naa Nuvve

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah

Director: Jayendra Panchapakesan

Music director: Sharreth

1. Hey Hey ILU - Tipu

Sharreth begins the album with a foot-tapping number that has peppiness written all over it. Despite the interesting sounds and contemporary arrangement, this number falls short of being catchy. Furthermore, Tipu's voice doesn't suit well for this song. The composer could have chosen a young voice to reflect the hero's feelings. Strictly tailored for a one-time listen.

2. Nijama Manasa - M.M. Manasi, Yazin Nizar

Up next is a breezy melody that sways between mellowed and thumping rhythm at times. Sharreth indulges in some soul-stirring piano notes and an interesting string progression, making the song a delightful listen. M.M. Manasi's honeyed rendition is pleasing to listen, while Yazin Nizar complements her well. The flute in the second interlude is mesmerizing and elevates the romantic mood of the number. Thumbs up!

3. Right Right Right - Tipu

Tipu gets to croon yet another forgettable number. Sharreth tries to compose a fast-paced number that should make the audience dance, but he fails miserably in the overall packaging. There's nothing innovative even in the orchestration to write home about. You can give this one a miss, while listening to the album. 

4. Chiniki Chiniki - Karthik, Saptaparna Chakraorty

Right from the word go, this number has Sharreth's signature style stamped all over it. It is a pleasing melody with light classical touches here and there. The rhythm sways between dulcet and upbeat. However, the transition serves as a refreshing change. Karthik and Saptaparna Chakraorty adopt a dreamy tone to bring out the romantic mood. Perfect for lovey-dovey evenings!

5. Premika - Sharreth

The entire song has a stage-play-like feel. With a heavy ballad rhythm, this romantic melody is an interesting composition from Sharreth. He gets to yield the megaphone and does a commendable job. The string progression accompaniment in the background is joyful to listen. Except the 'ra ra' chorus throughout, the song works well in other factors.

6. Naa Nuvve - Priya Mali

Here comes yet another mesmerizing romantic melody. Sharreth indulges in some soulful piano notes and unplugged rhythm to create a lovely soundscape. Priya Mali's mellifluous voice adds a contemporary touch to the song. This song is sure to have some emotional montage sequences in the movie. Another classic winner!

7. Hey Hey ILU - Rita

This female version is no different from the previous version. The only saving factor in this version is Rita's ebullient singing. Hope both the versions have striking visuals to make it a hit with listeners. 


Sharreth's soundtrack for this contemporary love story is a mixed bag of melodies and foot-tapping numbers, with only the melodious songs creating an impact.

Rating: **3/4 (2.75 / 5)


Nijama Manasa, Chiniki Chiniki, Naa Nuvve

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